Deck Shade Ideas

Providing shade to your deck area improves the comfort and function of your outdoor space.

Deck space without any cover can be intolerably hot and very uncomfortable during the summer. This can even pass on heat to the interiors of the main house. It is advisable to put up some shade especially if you do not have verdant trees in the surrounding areas. Constructing a shade can restrain the UV rays of the sun. However, it should be installed without obstructing light and fresh air or block beautiful vista from the deck. Outdoor decks should also be congruent with the design of your house.

Wooden Materials for your Deck Shades

Nearly all overhead screens are made of wooden boards or latticework but these may also be created from materials like bamboo reeds. Canvass canopies and transparent plastic are also good options particularly when the rain or sunlight gets in the way of your deck view. Deck covering also functions as privacy screens since these can block out views from rooms above or the edifice next door. The deck can be enclosed as an indoor room if the boards are put close together or covered with creeping plants.

Other deck shade ideas include building a permanent roof over the deck. You can even expand the existing roof of your abode all the way to the deck. This variety of deck roofs provides the deck area with a more lasting and unspoiled appearance. It is important to use materials which is the same type used for the main house. Expertise in woodworking is required in constructing this kind of deck covering. It is less expensive and not complicated to come up with a design for grooved panels. You can even put 4-by-4-inch timber posts around the deck and fabricate borders around the top of the posts. Fasten the corrugated panels to the apex of the frame to create the roof.

Pergolas, Umbrellas & Awnings

Pergolas are good substitutes for closed deck roofs. These gazebos are open-weave designs crafted from wooden or plastic materials. Pergolas can be customized more easily because only a part is covered. The area below can still get some shade and creates a mottled outcome on your deck because of the open texture. This can be a structure of wooden posts with boards across the top. Pergolas can provide an open-air feeling when it is not breezy or there is no rainfall. Try hanging flower baskets from the porch for additional adornment.

Huge umbrellas can be mounted on tables or the deck itself to bring shade to outdoor decks. You need to undo the umbrella and put in the pole at the midpoint of tables with umbrella inserts. However, you must have the umbrella down when there are gusty winds and during the winter season. It can protect a maximum of three individuals so it is only suitable for smaller families and as occasional covers. Awnings are also popular as deck covering. The sunshade can be rolled or folded back when you wish to enjoy the sunlight. An electric mechanism attached to the canopy can make it less difficult to close. Said awnings can be fastened to the periphery of your house. Designs include strips, solid colors, floral, and plaid patterns.